Camping Equipment

We hire camping equipments that can cater for various number of people from a couple to a small group or a large group.

Out door camping is mainly for the adventurous at heart. Tourist who wish to explore different parks and don't want the whole tour package with an itinerary that has to be followed to the letter may take this option where they will hire a relevant vehicle and camping equipments.

Our camping equipments give the tourist the real African experience where by we provide essential to make the whole experience memorable. This option offers one the opportunity to be flexible within the days of travel, where by you can pack on the road side and make a meal and afterwards continue traveling to your destination.

We help our clients to shop for supplies at no extra charge. Our camping equipment and utensil are clean and well maintained to offer comfort us one under takes the out door camping equipment.

We offer advice on where its appropriate to camp as well as interesting sceneries that one can visit.

Camping Equipment List